Kimball Select Dealer

Contract Resource Group is a Kimball Select Dealer, meaning we have an exclusive area partnership with the American manufacturer that allows us to provide and service Kimball furniture products.  Kimball provides support and training to Select Dealers, as well as access to special pricing and contracts.

Visit to explore their expansive product lines of office, health, and learning, furniture or, stop by the Contract Resource Group showroom located at

811 E. Sprage Ave, Suite D, Spokane, WA 99202For more information, send us an email at, or give us a call at 509.458.0411

Our Manufacturers

At Contract Resource Group we have access to over 100 manufacturers that sell product directly to us, allowing us to provide efficient contract furnishing solutions for any client.


Take a look through our most popular partners by clicking the PDF icon to the left, if there is a manufacturer you don't see listed let us know and we'll connect with them or find you a similar solution using other products we know and trust.

Workplace Solutions

'Workplace' is a definition that is in a constant state of adaptation, because human culture is constantly evolving. As a result, workplace design has to constantly provide new solutions, new innovations, and new accommodations. Solving these complex, strategy-based challenges is where the Contract Resource Group design team thrives most.

Tell us your business' story, we would love to help you succeed by providing a physical work environment that fits your needs. Email our design team to inquire or request a quote:

Healthcare Environments

Some of our longest standing customers are local medical providers. With access to commonly standardized product, and our knowledge of commercial healthcare codes, Contract Resource Group is able to outfit all types of medical facilities.

Specialty products fall in this category from a manufacturer perspective; some lab furnishings, specific task seating, extra durable surface materials, etc. Please inquire at info@contractresourcegroup so we can source what you need.

Learning Spaces

From kindergarten to college, classrooms to cafes, teaching essentials to computer labs, Contract Resource Group can specify what you need.

Flexibility is the most common emphasis from our customers, and we are prepared with a variety of options that are all multipurpose and mobile. 

Technology: how to incorporate it, protect it, share it, and manage it.

Collaboration can be inspired by space planning, or zoned specifically using sheltered furniture that includes seating, surfaces, and access to media.