Contract Resource Group and Kimball have partnered with Horizon Keystone Financial to offer custom, flexible financing options to allow clients to preserve their working capital.  Contact us to learn some financing benefits such as:

  • Tax benefits

  • Accelerated depreciation

  • No financials up to $200,000

  • 24- to 72- month terms with various purchase options

  • Bundled financing for other aspects of your project such as business equipment, building upgrades, etc.

Federal Government

Contract Name

GSA Federal Supply Schedule 71

Contract Number


Effective Date

GS-03F-059DA: 02/12/16 - 02/11/21

Awarded To

Kimball International, Inc. DBA Kimball Office, Inc.


State, local, and non-profit organizations


Purchasing cooperatives - click for details


Healthcare GPOs

Kimball Health has negotiated competitive pricing agreements with the following Group Purchasing Organizations:


contracts & group purchasing

-  we have the expertise to guide you through a compliant purchase