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Office Furniture - Workstations

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Systems Furniture, workstations, cubicles or whatever you choose to call them, have always been modular in nature.  They are comprised of modular components which are meant to be assembled, then disassembled and reconfigured when changes take place in the office.  Workstations in offices today can be as individual or customized as desired.  They can be private or collaborative, open or closed, shared or individual.  The trend for totally open work environments can work for some but not for others.  Attracting and retaining good talent can come down to the work environment provided for your workers. 


Systems Furniture can be panel-hung or freestanding "Benching" or "Table" style layouts. All solutions are comprised of a selection of components, which are specifed to meet your functional needs.  These products can be combined with filing, storage, and supplimented with conference and collaborative needs.

Systems workstations allow you the flexibility to create unique and personalized work spaces, from simple start-up offices to sophisticated business environments. Integrating power, lighting, and communications cabling this enhances performance and makes the working environment even more efficient.  With almost infinate finish selections available, we can help you create any image or work environment you are looking for.

For fresh creative ideas, check out the full product brochures listed below. Give us a call and we would be happy to have one of our professional consultants help you space plan your office.