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Architects and designers are currently charged with considering the environment in all aspects of the design process. Each one of us is learning to think before acting, and we have all become generally willing participants with regards to preserving the environment.  That being said, workplaces today must remain flexible to change and evolve in keeping up with growth or restructuring within an organization. When interiors are built conventionally and change is required, they leave a massive trail of construction waste through the barbaric "churn and burn" of construction, renovation, and demolition.  Built on the principles of reduce and reuse, moveable walls, access floors, modular carpet, and systems furniture presents the perfect opportunity to participate in a process that leads towards future sustainability.

Environmentally responsive decision making is even more attractive when the benefits to the bottom line are equal to the commitment to sustainability. When products such as moveable walls are incorporated into your project, construction waste and future renovation waste can be virtually eliminated.   No demolition, dumping, procuring and re-building.  The results are dramatic and meaningful for the environment and for the return on your investment.

Contract Resource Group desires to represent manufacturers that have made commitments to sound and responsible environmental practices. Key activities such as using only certified woods from properly managed forests, using recycled and easily replenished content in their products, ensuring Greenguard or similar certifications for indoor air quality, and using electronic publishing techniques versus tons of paper-printed materials are just a sampling of the ways these commitments are displayed in action.  We will continue to seek out and support companies that embrace a sound environmental philosophy.

City of Spokane’s SMART Business Recognition Program

Contract Resource Group has been recognized as a Sustainable Management of Assets, Resources and Technology (SMART) Business by the City of Spokane!  We have received recognition at the Certified level for our Green Building Innovation and at the Participant level for our commitment to be make changes to be more energy efficient, reduce pollution emissions and reduce waste.