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Architectural Solutions - Soundmasking

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For the past decade open office space plans have been in high demand in work place interiors. Open office environments maximize square footage and allow for staff and upper management to work in a team oriented or collaborative environment. As traditional walls come down and more employees are added, privacy is affected.

An open office workplace can become a distracting environment to work in when you consider all the noises that occur throughout the course of the day. Telephones, conversations, office equipment, and other influences of technology may all contribute annoyances that distract and break concentration for the workers. Distractions will cause loss of production, creativity, and may increase workplace stress. Designers and business owners are increasingly turning to sound masking to override (or mask) sounds that can't be absorbed or blocked by design elements such as carpet, acoustical panels or partitions.

Acoustics is critical in healthcare environments.  Because protecting patient health information is of prime concern, sound masking can be the best solution to meet your HIPAA oral privacy requirements and the most cost effective safeguard you can include in your project criteria.

Lencore sound masking provides a comfortable constant fixed level of background sound that is used to cover conversation levels and soften the distraction of other noises. Sound masking is the solution to improving the acoustics of a space so your employees, visitors or patients can speak without having their conversations understood by others outside the normal range.  It improves one's level of concentration without distraction which can contribute to the overall success of the work place.