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Advanced Modular Construction

DIRTT - Doing it Right this Time - Agile Architectural Solutions creates customizable, sustainable architectural interiors. DIRTT's solutions include DIRTT Walls, DIRTT, Millwork, DIRTT Power, and DIRTT Networks, along with cutting-edge ICE software. Leaders in commercial interior construction and forward thinking clients are experiencing the benefits of these design sensitive, flexible solutions. The DIRTT system provides a fresh, expressive, parametric, sustainable, and exceptionally well designed interior. They allow you to integrate unique designs throughout the workplace while creating an entire space that is flexible and ready for change.

Aesthetics no longer need to be sacrificed in order to obtain the benefits of utilizing modular walls.  If your impression of modular walls is the old vanilla demountable vinyl wrapped drywall systems of years gone by, be prepared to enter into a totally new generation of modular architecture. Please check out the DIRTT website below and you will quickly see why DIRTT walls were selected by Interior Design Magazine to receive the 2006 Best Architectural Product Award. Among more than 25 prestigious awards, DIRTT has been awarded a PM100 for Innovation Mastery by Progressive Manufacturing magazine,and the International Business Award by the Canadian Construction Association. The design options, finishes, materials capabilities, and functional flexibility are literally unmatched in the industry.



  • Create beautiful environments
  • Utilize a more efficient footprint
  • Require a shorter move-in schedule than conventional interior build-outs
  • Use less material
  • Eliminate waste, disruption, and downtime from reconfiguration, demolition, and renovation 
  • Experience substantial reductions in costs




DIRTT's most recent innovative product developments for modular construction within the education and healthcare markets are bringing forth beautiful, flexible, and sustainable solutions that will be the leading edge of tomorrow's interior environments. 


Movable Walls


Trendwall, Volo & Trendclear - When the design concepts for a project are more conservative and dictate a more straightforward approach to a movable wall design, Trendwall wall systems from Trendway will be a perfect match.  Trendwall has proven itself to be a viable solution for replacing inflexible, costly, and wasteful drywall for over a decade.


Please visit our Healthcare Solutions page to learn all about these state of the art answers to incorporating technology into modular construction, patient rooms, headwalls, laboratories and the like.


Check out the websites below or come to our showroom for hands-on look at why we are passionate about this responsible approach to interior construction.