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Modular carpet has overcome its reputation of the 70' and 80's as being visually unappealing and impractical. Modular carpet tiles of today present facility managers with lower costs, fresh design options and improved life cycles.

Design and range of options have been the most impressive strides. The modular aspect of this carpeting option has been embraced as a tile rather than trying to make it look like a broadloom carpet. 

An attractive feature that remains with modular carpet is the ease of maintenance. Users can remove individual tiles for cleaning or completely replace tiles that show excessive wear. Facilities also save money on installation which takes considerably less time and causes less interruptions than a typical carpet installation.

Carpet tiles, in conjuction with raised floors will result in a faciltiy that is totally flexible and makes change within an organization a breeze.  

The concept of reuse rather than throw-away makes an impactful statement with reguard to a company's image or philosophy on sustainablity.