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DIRTT Millwork - Casework/Cabinetry

 DIRTT Millwork is focused on providing unique cabinetry solutions for commercial building and healthcare applications that attach to DIRTT walls as well as conventional drywall.  Some of the features that these modular cabinets offer are:

They are modular and sustainable by design and intent.  They are intended to be removed and redeployed in new applications and locations.  Too often, custom casework is literally demolished and thrown in the landfill when the user’s needs change.

  • An unlimited amount of cabinet sizes to work with due to their sophisticated parametric programming software combined with their CNC manufacturing equipment. Any size is standard, no matter the depth, height or width.  Unlike typical modular cabinets, you are not limited to specific predetermined sizes.
  • Construction on the entire cabinet has metal to metal cam assembly and pocket screws.
  • Delivery of product within 4 weeks of order.
  • 3-D laminates
  • Standard laminate finishes are Wilsonart laminates.  3-D laminates provide the most durable solution to the market.  Both sides on all cabinets are fully finished and contribute to a fully modular, movable, sustainable solution. To support healthcare requirements, anti-microbial finishes & seamless soft rounded edges are offered as options.
  • Blum soft close drawers are standard. No other system comes close to the look and feel of this system. The aluminum side rails smoothly rounded and offer a great design as well as an easy-to-clean solution.
  • DIRTT MIllwork comes fully assembled, but is KD-able. If a item does get damaged or needs to be replaced, only that part of the cabinet needs to be manufactured and re-assembled saving time and money.
  • 10 year warranty on the construction.  We expect it to last a lifetime.
  • It is Modular, so the depreciation of the products can be 7 years, not 39.
  • Detailed shop drawings provided with clearly labeled product tagging.