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As sustainable and green-built interiors have emerged as the norm both in the corporate and healthcare workplace, architects, designers, facility managers, building owners, real estate professionals, general contractors, and end users are changing their visions for their projects.  Construction costs continue to rise and the cost of managing change within facilities, coupled with the assessment of your corporate footprint on the environment, must be considered as a major factor within your company’s economic forecast.  New modular interior construction methodologies are being introduced and are changing the old school perceptions of the built environment.

"It is time for North America to realize we can't perpetually build gigantic workspaces and then proceed to demolish, dispose, and rebuild in perpetuity. Frankly, it is an environmental and economical crime" – Mogens Smed (DIRTT Founder)

Through modular interior construction elements such as modular walls, raised access floors, modular cabinetry, modular carpet, and modular pre-engineered electrical systems, first costs, as well as on-going operational costs, can finally be controlled and reduced.  More importantly however, the impact of waste reduction and energy savings to the environment can be substantial.  We feel as more organizations seek ways to become increasingly environmentally responsible, these methodologies will be the norm in North America much like they are in Europe today.

Our commitment to sell products from manufacturers who are also dedicated to sustainable interiors keeps everyone with the same vision.
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