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To put it simply, ergonomics is fitting the workplace to the worker. Implementing and maintaining an effective ergonomics program within your organization means working smarter and safer. Ergonomics in the workplace maximizes productivity by finding ways to work more comfortably and without injury. 

There are a variety of simple changes which can be implemented to decrease the risk of injury. Solutions ranging from ergonomic desk chairs , adjustable work surfaces, adjustable keyboard trays, monitor arms, screen filters, footrests and task lighting, are some of the considerations when addressing these problems. Money spent on ergonomic products initially will pay off over and over if your employees are healthy and happy.  The trend today is to provide adjustable height worksurfaces to enable your employees to be able to sit or stand periodically throughout the day.  This has proven to improve workers health and wellbeing.  Come in and allow us to demonstrate the variety of options available to you.

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